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Disclaimer: This is not an official posting site of the Town of Waterford.


Just a reminder that this website is not updated everyday. It is NOT an official posting site and is for information only. There maybe times when the site is not updated. We make every attempt to do so when time allows. You can always contact the office with any questions you may have. Also note that minutes will not be posted until approved. All ordinances are subject to repeals and revisions.  

When using the new Racine County Tax Inquiry search program, please use as little information in the search boxes as possible (with the exception of the municipality). Entering in all the fields will yield fewer, if any, results.


Need to change the address on your tax bill? Click Budget/Property Tax Info. on the left.

For Information on the I-94 North-South Freeway Resurfacing Project, click on the "I-94 North-south" tab on the left.

Town of Waterford

Uniform Address Signs


The Town of Waterford Police Department and Tichigan Fire and Rescue have had numerous occasions where they are unable to find an address or property during an emergency call.  This has happened during the day and night. Town of Waterford residents have the ability to purchase uniform address signs for a cost of $40 per sign.  The Town will install the signs free of charge. Presently, these signs are not required by the Town, so the decision is left up to the home/property owner.  If you own a property that is hard to find or is unmarked, it may be in your best interest to pursue this option. If you order the signs this winter, they will be installed by the Town’s Department of Public Works in the spring.  To order a sign, call or visit the Town Hall at 262-534-2350, 415 N. Milwaukee St. and speak to Tina or Heather. 


~Chairman Tom Hincz

    The Town of Waterford has an old medication drop box located outside the Town of Waterford Police Dept. (to the left of the meeting hall doors). Please scroll down in the left column and clerk on “Old Medication Drop Box” for more information.



 Need some tree limbs chipped. Click on “Garbage & Recycling” in the left hand column and then click on “Brush Chipping Procedure”.






























































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